Jurassic World Revealed is an audio game you can play with Amazon Alexa

Universal has just unveiled a new audio adventure game set in Jurassic World that’s playable using only your voice. It’s called Jurassic World Revealed, and it’s available now for the Amazon Echo family of devices, as well as any other smart speaker with Amazon Alexa built-in like the Sonos One

The story of the game was written by video game legends Dave Grossman (Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion) and Joe Pinney (Telltale’s Game of Thrones, Jurassic Park - TellTale, Sam & Max and more) and puts you in the shoes of an audio journalist named Janet Best as she attempts to uncover what’s really happening to the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar.

According to Universal and the game’s developer, Earplay, the game is a companion experience for the film - which opens up in theaters on June 22 in the US and on June 6 in the UK - and is divided into six chapters, each of which lasts between 5 minutes or an hour depending on your decision-making skills. 

The first chapter is available to play for free right now with the five additional chapters costing $3.99 from June 22 until June 29, and then $4.99 thereafter. 

 In the land of the lost 

Jurassic World Revealed isn’t the first audio-based interactive Alexa experience - Earplay has been making these types of experiences since 2013 - but it is one of the better produced ones. Audio production is high and the branching story arc feels interesting. That said, because you might be listening to an hour-long story, you need a relatively long attention span to get through it.

While some might see this as shallow compared to the traditional mobile game release that often seems to come with big blockbuster films like Jurassic World, this game serves as a test bed for monetizing interactive audio content for Alexa - as well as a less traditional advertisement for the franchise. 

To try Jurassic World Revealed out for yourself, head into the Skills section of the Alexa app and enable it. Then, say “Alexa, open Jurassic World.” 

Nick Pino

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