iPhone XS SIM-free prices slashed: 256GB storage for the price of 64GB

iPhone XS SIM free deal

There's no getting around it...the iPhone XS is expensive. And that gets only worse if you want more than the standard 64GB onboard storage. So when an iPhone XS SIM-free deal comes along with £150 off the usual price for the 256GB version, it's only natural that we would sit up and take notice.

This impressive discount comes courtesy of both Amazon and Carphone Warehouse who seem to share our view that when it comes to phone storage - bigger is better. For £999, the usual RRP of the 64GB storage edition, you can upgrade and grab a 256GB edition instead.

The handset is available in Apple's now familiar Silver, Gold or Space Grey colours. So if you're heart is set on a big storage iPhone XS you can see all of the details down below. But we would hurry if we were you, as we can't imagine stocks will last long on a deal this impressive.

Or if you think a contract may suit you better try our best iPhone XS deals page for all of the options available - from cheap monthly bills to enormous amounts of data.  

This reduced SIM-free iPhone XS deal 

iPhone XS 256GB from Amazon | £1149 £999
This is the best SIM-free iPhone XS price out there. The £999 matches a whole host of other deals but then when you chuck in the increased storage capacity you've got a real winner. You can expect to pay around £150 elsewhere for this amount of storage. And if you need a cheap SIM to put in your new iPhone, be sure to check out our SIM only deals guide, too.
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