iPhone X teardown reveals super dense logic board and a 'split' battery

So you might have been tempted to think that the iPhone X isn't much different on the inside from the iPhone 8 Plus aside from that fancy OLED screen and the new Face ID facial recognition technology, but iFixit's new iPhone X teardown shows how wrong you'd be.

The team's destruction of the brand-new device reveals a whole new world; a Planet X that looks much unlike the Apple phone we've known in various iterations for years. 

Some new elements are expected, such as the front-facing motion sensor (which is apparently easy to remove), but iFixit revealed that Apple wisely made it so you wouldn't have to replace the sensor along with the glass if you crack the screen. Good thing, too, as iPhone X repairs are already absurdly expensive.

The battery is also relatively easy to replace, although iFixit discovered that Apple essentially split it into two cells so as to make better use of space. It will still come out as one piece when you remove it, though. Elsewhere, Apple made the Lightning port stronger in a welcome effort to make it last longer.

Defying logic

The most fascinating new element, though, is the logic board. It's only around 70% of the size of the motherboard found in the iPhone 8 Plus, a feat Apple achieved by using both sides of the board. Or, more precisely, it's a single logic board that's basically been folded over and soldered together.

The densely packed double-sided logic board of the iPhone X. Image credit: iFixit (Image credit: iFixit)

As a result, it's not only 30% smaller than what you find in the iPhone 8 Plus, but Apple also managed to pack in 35% more components. 

As iFixit says with obvious admiration, the "density of connectors and components is unprecedented." Judged ounce for ounce, the team says, "even an Apple Watch has more bare board."

Oh, and make you don't break that pretty glass back that allows for wireless charging. If you do, iFixit says, "you’ll be removing every component and replacing the entire chassis."