iPhone 14 delay fears have Apple pulling out all the stops

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Because the iPhone 12 series was a little delayed, people are now perpetually worried that Covid-related production issues could affect any new smartphone from Apple, and the iPhone 14 is no exception. However, it sounds like Apple is especially keen to make sure there are no delays.

A report written by United Daily News describes Apple's production plants in China - apparently, the middle of the year is typically a quiet time for factories, but Apple is pushing to "recruit workers with extra bonuses during the rare off-season". 

The report describes multiple times how Apple is pushing to start iPhone 14 production earlier than it typically would, mainly by jumping the gun on the hiring process for factory workers, in order to offset any supply chain issues that could arise.

It also sounds like the iPhone 13 series is getting a production increase due to popularity, with the iPhone 13 Pro in particular seeing a massive rise in orders. So factory workers who make Apple's iPhones probably aren't twiddling their thumbs and watching the clock right now.

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Apple is likely pulling out all the stops early, to compensate for any uncertainties closer to the iPhone 14's launch date - the sporadic lockdowns in places like Shanghai are an example of the kind of event that can affect production.

By starting now, Apple is ensuring that it can keep to its regular cadence, with an iPhone launch around September and a release a week or two afterwards.

It likely doesn't hurt that, according to leaks, this will be an easy year for iPhone production, due to there being limited changes between the models. There are apparently only two sizes - the 14 and 14 Pro are said to have 6.1-inch screens while the 14 Max and 14 Pro Max are meant to have 6.7-inch ones - and, if all the rumors are to be believed, the non-Pro devices are even getting the same chipset as the iPhone 13 devices.

Between the limited changes and early production start, we don't expect the iPhone 14 series to see a release delay towards the end of the year.

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