YouTube to add 3,000 titles to movie rentals service

YouTube is getting deep into the movie streaming game

YouTube will begin adding 3,000 new movies to its US-only movie rentals service from today.

The Google-owned video sharing giant will try and lure viewers from the likes of Netflix, Sony and Apple by offering "behind-the-scenes movie extras" to accompany full-length movies.

In a blog entitled "Welcome to the future of video," the company says it is also investing more money in producing original content through the YouTube partners scheme

"Today, we're going to start adding around 3,000 new movies available to users in the U.S. (more on this in a post later today) that will be accompanied by reviews and behind-the-scenes movie extras," YouTube says.

"Whether it's short movie trailers, funny movie parodies or full-length blockbuster films, we encourage you to sit back and settle in to the YouTube movies experience."

Massive audience

YouTube is yet to reveal which movies will come to the service (perhaps that will become clear in an update expected later today), but its clear that the company plans to use its massive audience to take on the giants of movie streaming.

There's still no word on whether the site plans to launch the service internationally. That will depend on how quickly it can make deals with the studios.

Update: YouTube will partner with studios Sony, Universal and Warner Brothers and films will be available to watch at

Link: Official YouTube blog

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