What hath Facebook wrought with new News Feed? The web reacts

Mark Zuckerberg
Zuckerberg introduces the new News Feed, though skips ad talk

Facebook likes photos, or rather Facebook users like photos. At least, we surmise that from the social networks new look for the News Feed.

But does the wonderful world of Twitter like Facebook's new News Feed, which Thursday got a refreshed design anchored on oversized images and cuts the clutter of the old chrome look?

The web consensus is so far edging on the positive, though there's a hearty helping of comparisons floating around.

"Some really well thought out changes to Facebook #newsfeed! #design" @Glennengler wrote, while @LilFrogPrince plainly said, "And yes, the new Facebook Newsfeed looks like Google+ to me."

@andrewmaddox also took a Google+ copycat take.

"The new #facebook #newsfeed -- looks like Google+...Oh, but there are people using it, so maybe it's G+ that will be used."

Other opinions

While some Twitter members called the new look great, others say its a flag in the sand of an era where website design more completely takes its cue from apps.

There's a smattering of cynicism rolling about too.

"BREAKING: Facebook's new #newsfeed will now feature LARGER pictures of babies, puppies, and food," barked @thepaulmeyers.

"Does Zuckerberg think we're all far-sighted wit this new #newsfeed?" quipped @kramberryjuice, referring of course to Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

A number of social media users expressed some apprehension about what this means for advertisements moving forward, particularly since Zuck and Friends skirted during Thursday's press conference.

Ads will no doubt follow the new News Feed design ethos, meaning we are in for larger-imaged marketing efforts candy coated with visual appeal. While they may feel more organic, a pretty picture doesn't make advertisements any easier to swallow for many users.

A report by Inside Facebook found that there will be a prominent hide button on ads as part of the redesign to start, though what the button does exactly is for the moment unclear. Sidebar ads, it also appears, aren't leaving with the new look.

What's your take on the new News Feed? Love it, hate it, or reserving judgment until a full rollout gets underway? Let us know in the comments below. We love to hear what you think.

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