Weird Tech: Weatherman sorry for video boob

A Norfolk man caused £20,000 worth of damage to a parked Lamborghini by jumping on the roof

From Wales to China, the internet seems to have been the root of all evil this week. What with the lure of eBay causing unemployment, and mammoth gaming sessions ending in (alleged) death, it seems internet addictions have been wreaking havoc across the world. In fact, most of the stories in this week's Weird Tech seem to be internet related...

Internet fights back

Ah, weathermen. High-tech recording equipment, computer graphics and thousands of pounds worth of modern technology at their fingertips... and what do they do off-air? Film themselves clowning around with giant images of breasts, apparently.

A US television station was forced to apologise to viewers after a video featuring one of its veteran weathermen playing the fool with a huge breast in the background appeared on the internet. The tape, which shows a grinning Chris Allen "making honking noises, whistling and laughing", was apparently stolen by a former employee and posted online.

Mr Allen wasn't the only one to get caught out this week. A Norfolk man who ran over the roof of a Lamborghini causing £20,000 worth of damage was caught after friends circulated video footage via Bluetooth in a pub. The culprit was fined after an employee of the car's owner was accidentally sent the video and recognised the sports car.

This week saw further developments in the technology mash-up sector. Check out the concept shoe housing a CD player, speaker, tweeters and a small knob for volume. Nice idea, until it goes and rains.

Right at the other end of scale was Catalina Spas' ' 61-inch Theater Spa' - a Jacuzzi with integrated outdoor viewable, waterproof LCD HDTV. Apparently it houses four quite comfortably, which is no use to anyone really - you'll probably need to split the cost a lot more times than that to afford the "price upon request".

And finally...

A rather odd looking middle-aged man called Tony Wright broke the world record for the longest phone call this week. According to reports, the man racked up a good 40 hours on an IP phone - and was showing no signs of slowing down when reporters turned up.

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