Twitter's pretty yet strangely familiar profile pages now available to all

Twitter's pretty new homogenised profile pages are now available to all
Remind you of anything?

Twitter is through testing its redesigned profile pages and is now offering them up to all users.

The revamped profiles, which some users have had access to for a couple of months, feature larger profile and header photos much like those on Facebook and Google+ pages.

Like Facebook's love-it-or-loathe-it Timeline profiles, Twitter has also adopted a well-defined mosaic-style approach to displaying tweets, biography details, trends and photos.

While the firm has said it's in the process of rolling the profiles out to all users, anyone can skip the queue by firing up this link.

Amping up the awesomeness

As well as the enlarged photographic identifiers, users can also pick a particular tweet they wish to pin to the top of their feed to "amplify your awesomeness," as Twitter puts it.

Interestingly, tweets that have more interactions will appear larger within the feed than those that were largely ignored by your peers.

Twitter is also offering a new toolbar that brings quick access to all of the tweets containing photos and videos, as well as one-click access to all of the tweets they've favourited down the years.

Finally, those adopting the new profiles can choose to view their tweets in one seamless timeline or complete with all of the replies your popular and chatty self garners.

What are your thoughts on the new profiles? It's definitely growing on us, but is it too similar to Facebook for your liking? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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