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Spotify takes Twitter's lead, makes it easier for users to follow favorite artists

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The internet may soon be invaded by little green … buttons, the kind that allow fans to link with their favorite musical acts or even user profiles on streaming music giant Spotify.

Today Spotify introduced a new developer feature that allows any website to display a button that lets artists and music labels direct fans to profiles on the music streaming service.

Using a small bit of code found on the Spotify Developer portal, just about anyone can create a little green Follow link, which can be copied and pasted to any website or blog in a matter of seconds.

When clicked, the Follow button redirects the viewer to a linked Spotify profile, with the ultimate goal of increasing the fan base of artists or even bloggers and other publishers with a presence there.

Follow along

In an effort to further beef up its social feature set, Spotify's new Twitter-style Follow buttons are free, as long as users comply with the service's Terms of Use.

To create a Follow button, coders simply right-click on any artist or user profile on Spotify, paste the appropriate URI, choose from a couple of options, then copy the resulting embed code onto their website or blog.

Should the visitor not have a Spotify account, they'll first be asked to create one - definitely a clever way to grab a few extra users in the process.

Spotify's new Follow buttons are now live and ready to be created by heading to the company's Developer portal and clicking "Get the code."

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