Google searchers are curious and loyal

Bing users conduct four times fewer searches than Google users
Bing users conduct four times fewer searches than Google users

Google users carry out more than twice as many searches as those favouring Microsoft and Yahoo.

Research by comScore found that Googlers make an average of 55 searches each month, compared to 25 searches by those using Yahoo sites.

Users of Microsoft's search engine are the least curious, racking up just 14 searches each over the course of an entire month.

Google still riding high

According to ComScore, Microsoft and Yahoo sites combined account for 28 percent of all searches - close to the 30 per cent figure that analysts believe is necessary for them to attract larger advertisers. However, that would rise to over 40 per cent if Micro-hoo users could up their search frequency to that of Google searchers.

Eli Goodman, comScore Search Evangelist said, "While Microsoft and Yahoo are still looking up at Google in terms of market share, they have a real opportunity to make headway given that nearly three-quarters of all searchers conduct at least one search on these engines every month. The challenge will be to create a search experience compelling enough to convert lighter searchers into regular searchers which is generally easier than converting new users."

Google users are also more loyal to the brand than others. Those who searched on Google had 69 per cent of all their searches occurring on Google Sites. Users of the engines at the combined Yahoo and Microsoft sites conducted a third of their searches on the combined Yahoo and Microsoft sites, but a much higher 61 percent on Google properties.