Facebook Save feature lets you keep News Feed content for later looking

Facebook now allowing you to Save interesting News Feed links for later
Facebook Save could rescue your work day

Facebook has introduced a new 'save it for later' feature that allows users to store interesting web links, pages, movies, TV shows and music for a more convenient time.

The new 'Save' tool, which is rolling out to the web, iOS and Android apps, makes it easier to keep track of interesting News Feed content without it getting lost in the scroll-through shuffle.

The Saved content, be it a checked-in restaurant the user may wish to try or a shared album they want to hear, will be accessible via the 'More' tab on mobile and within the sidebar on the web.

The feature apes the functionality offered by apps like Pocket and the Reading List feature in Apple's Safari web browser but with a Facebook funk. The social network is taking it upon itself to remind users about their Saved content if they don't check it after a period of time.

Productivity boost

Such is the exponential growth of sharing web content on Facebook, the feature comes at a time when many users are struggling to keep up with everything posted by their friends.

While checking out interesting links over the lunch break can offer a welcome distraction from the grind, an all-day presence on social media can be a productivity catastrophe.

The Save option will let users get work done while promising the treat of Facebook-saved content for the commute home, all without the risk of being infiltrated by a trillion Buzzfeed posts.

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