Facebook's Year in Review shows we all gossiped about the Pope, Royal Baby

Facebook Year in Review 2013
What did YOUR year look like?

It's nearing the end of a year once again and that means it's time to recount all the hot trends, songs, movies and memes we embraced over the past 12 months.

Luckily for Facebook's 1.19 billion users, the social network has gone and collated the Year in Review just for you.

According to Facebook, Pope Francis took the top spot as the most talked about person, followed closely by the Royal Baby. Elections around the world were the most talked about happenings, according to the social network.

The year was also filled with many somber moments including the Boston Marathon bombings as well as the deaths of Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela.

Facebook arrived at its conclusions by measuring the number of posts mentioning a particular person or event, including related hashtags.

What's hot in America town?

Shifting over to the US, which Facebook devoted an entire section in its review to, the most chatted about topics were the Super Bowl (talk about perpetuating stereotypes) followed by the government shutdown and the Boston Marathon.

Mercifully, Daft Punk's Get Luckyoff of the electronic duo's latest album took the top slot for music despite Miley Cyrus' twerking routine. Of course the meme that everyone loves (to forget about) was the Harlem Shake.

Top pick for movie of the year was The Conjuring and the most talked about TV show was Scandal. Oddly enough, one topic that didn't make the grade Edward Snowden and the revelations that have erupted over the NSA's mass surveillance program.

Other nations weren't left out of Facebook's review of course, and a regional-specific look is available for places including the UK and Australia. The UK's No. 1 topic was Andy Murray, followed by Ms. Thatcher. In Australia, "vote" was the most popular topic, cricket the third and Big Brother rounded out the top 10.

Check out your year

Facebook is also allowing users to see their own highlights via Facebook.com/yearinreview.

Through some algorithmic magic, the social network will arrange the most important things you've done this year into a gallery, letting users wax nostalgic over another year gone by.

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