Virgin Media mailing list error leads to spam email deluge

Virgin Media mailing list error leads to spam email deluge
Virgin has apologised for the error

Some Virgin Media email customers were bombarded with hundreds of spam emails on Wednesday night, following a mailing list error.

Those hitting 'reply all' to an email sent to all customers regarding changes to Google services, were able to reply to the entire mailing list, leading to flooded inboxes.

The company, which has currently has 135,000 email subscribers, said it is investigating the cause of the problem, which also saw replying users' email addresses revealed to the entire mailing list.

In a statement published on its website the company said: "Virgin Media are working to resolve the problem. We understand that continual emails are being sent out."


A company spokesperson added: "A small proportion of our customers have received an email from one of our suppliers which, if they reply-all, it is sent to a wider group.

"We're investigating exactly what has happened and, in the meantime, advise people not to respond to this email. We apologise for the inconvenience caused."

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Via Telegraph

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