UK launch for FilmOn TV service - 25,000 television shows ready to watch - 25,000 television shows ready to watch, the UK's leading video-on-demand provider (FilmOn's words!), has expanded its repertoire this week, and announced a new service dedicated to TV –

Created by by's founder and CEO, Alki David, the new portal offers 2,500 channels of live video streams and is said to bring 'virtual cable TV' to the masses.

Advanced search

Do not worry if you have a piddly broadband connection, as works in a number of different variations and is compatible with players such as Windows Media Player and Mac's Flip 4 Mac.

Speaking about his new venture, Alki David, said: "Perhaps your Latvian in-laws are visiting and don't want to miss their favourite soap or you are a huge fan of Latin American football?

"Our advanced search engine trawls the web looking for publicly available world channel TV which is then streamed and indexed in a simple and efficient way that means whatever your tastes you are guaranteed to find your thing on"

Mainstream channels that you can now get on VOD include Sky News and the BBC World Service.

HD available

As well as a standard TV service, some of the channels are available in HD, through's new free proprietary HDi Player.

"All consumers have to do to take advantage of the amazing technology is click and download the software for free," says David. "Forget Project Kangaroo, Project Canvas and a host of other antiquated and uncompetitive models for accessing TV content online and get ready to sample the future.

"This new service means the public's viewing experience will be radically changed forever and this time the revolution will be televised."

UPDATE: this article was amended to attribute "the UK's leading video-on-demand provider" as FilmOn's words and not TechRadar's. Thanks to 'lth' below.

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