UK Broadband: Customers paying for average 12Mbps, only getting 7Mbps

UK Broadband Customers paying for average 12Mbps only getting 7Mbps

Broadband customers in the UK are, on average, receiving speeds around 42 per cent less than advertised, a new investigation from the Guardian has revealed.

A survey of over 3,000 broadband users in the UK found that the average UK household is paying for connection speeds of 12Mbps, but only obtaining 7Mbps.

The results were obtained from a Guardian online speed test, as part of a campaign to improve the UK's broadband infrastructure.

Although the dubious nature of advertised broadband speeds has long been a point of contention, the report highlights the huge disparity users are experiencing.

TalkTalk the worst offender

The survey found TalkTalk and Sky to be the biggest offenders with a 60 per cent shortfall in its advertised speeds.

The former offered an average of 5Mbps with 8Mbps advertised, while Sky customers only got 4.8Mbps when they were paying for 12Mbps.

Virgin Media shortchanged customers by a slightly-less-than average 41 per cent according to the Guardian, while BT performed best by only posting a 25 per cent shortfall.

Via: Guardian