Twitter looking to keep celebrity users happy

Twitter offering a bit of celebrity pampering
Twitter offering a bit of celebrity pampering

You would think that celebrities get enough VIP attention in the real world, but it seems that this treatment is extending to cyberspace.

Twitter, the micro-blogging website, has put out an advert for a job which caters to the every need of its celebrity clientele.

Called a VIP Concierge, the job of the lucky applicant would be to: "be a 'high touch' point of contact at Twitter for the burgeoning number of celebrities on the service…

"They should be tech savvy enough to answer questions and solve basic problems (though they can fall back on our tech support). And they should definitely present themselves (and the company) well on the phone and in person."

Celebrity Twitter

And where was this job vacancy spotted? Well, Tech Crunch found out about the opening after receiving the information via someone's Twitter account. That sound you hear is the Twittersphere imploding on itself.

If you do fancying being a VIP Concierge for Twitter, serving the likes of Stephen Fry and Russell Brand, then be warned that the job is in San Francisco and "it won't pay a lot".

All about the energy

One person the VIP concierge won't be dealing with is 50 Cent. The rapper/movie star/videogame sensation has a Twitter account but, shock and indeed horror, the updates aren't written by him.

The New York Times is reporting that the hip-hop star rarely visits the site and his tweets arewritten by his internet business manager – Chris 'Broadway' Romero.

In a brilliant piece of spin, Romero told the newspaper: "He [50 Cent] doesn't actually use Twitter. But the energy of it is all him."

Marc Chacksfield

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