TechRadar readers give massive thumbs up for IE9

IE9 - Popular? Not half. Well actually half.
IE9 - Popular? Not half. Well actually half.

TechRadar readers have insisted that IE9 is already a major hit, with an astounding 50 per cent of nearly 3,000 voters in our poll stating that they are already using Microsoft's latest browser.

In what can only be described as an unexpectedly one-sided result, just under 1,500 suggested that IE9 was already on their computers, with a further nine percent suggesting that they would give it a go at some point.

The next generation browser from MS certainly represents a major step forward for the software giant, with open standard and HTML5 at the heart of what it is doing.


And, according to our poll, which we'll concede is not the most scientific of measures, the browser is already going great guns.

Just under a third of the people who voted said they would not be switching from their current browser and a further eight per cent suggested that it was unlikely that they would change.

But, even if the numbers have been skewed, it's clear that people are enjoying Internet Explorer 9.

However, fair warning, if we stick up a 'do you like IE6?' poll and get an overwhelming yes vote we're going to be *very* suspicious.

UPDATE: And our stats suggest that 1.4 per cent of you are *actually* using IE9 to look at TechRadar. *Shakes fist at voters*

Poll results for 'Will you be switching to IE9?'

I already use it: 50%
I'll try it: 9%
Unlikely: 8%
No: 31%

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