Spotify drops song limit but UK and France miss out

Spotify drops song limit - UK and France miss out
No limits for Spotify (kind of)

Spotify has revealed that it has dropped the song-play limit for free users in Europe, apart from those who use the service in the UK and France.

The song limit functionality was introduced back in April 2011 and was part of a number of limitations added to the free version of the service.

Spotify has confirmed to TechRadar that this has now been dropped but the limits are still firmly in place for the UK and France.

Bunch of fives

"The five play-per-song limit on Spotify Free has been removed across Europe, apart from the UK and France," explained a Spotify spokesperson to TechRadar.

"We're taking the fight to piracy and seeing millions of people choose to pay for music again. We did this by offering people the best music service on the planet and an unrivalled free music tier is fundamental to that.


"We're taking the fight to piracy and seeing millions of people choose to pay for music again."

"We've been working with record labels to remove the five-plays-per-song limit introduced last year and this news is a result of that work."

There's no word as to when the UK will see this song limit dropped, but it's good news that the limit is toppling in some areas, and those areas are: Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands and Spain.

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