Sky Player TV to stream Sky Movies live

Sky Player TV adds live movie streaming
Sky Player TV adds live movie streaming

Sky has announced it is to expand its Sky Player TV service, with six new live channels – including Sky Movies Screen 1 and 2.

This means that anyone who has signed up to the service can watch movies from the comfort of their laptop anywhere they want – as long as there's a web connection.

Choice and control

Other channels that the Satellite provider is to stream live are Nat Geo Wild, Eden, G.O.L.D. and Sky Real Lives. Sky has said that the addition of this new content "strengthens its position as the natural destination for online viewing".

Speaking about the Sky Player TV expansion, Griff Parry, Sky's Director of On-demand, said: "At Sky, viewers come first, whether they watch live or on-demand, via their TV or online.

"The continued expansion of Sky Player puts choice and control over what and how to watch, firmly in people's hands; whether they're already familiar with Sky TV or just want to watch the content we offer online."

Live catch

There is a catch: only new subscribers will be able to view Sky Movies Screen 1 and 2 as 'live channels' online. Defending its decision, Sky argues that: "Sky Player already makes over 500 movie titles available to Sky Movies [existing] subscribers to view at any time for free."

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