New Playboy online game breaks cover

Poisonville - Playboy, GTA style
Poisonville - Playboy, GTA style

Playboy, famed for its intellectual interviews and bunnies with breasts, has shown off its latest online game and it strangely looks like a GTA knock-off.

Called Poisonville, the trailer shows a woman stealing a car off a man, sweeping shots of an American city and a barrage of dangerous looking characters. Oh, and guns. Lots of guns.

It is not quite what you would expect from the Playboy canon, but it is the first of many games from Playboy.

As we told you back in May 2009, there will also be a title called Playboy Manager released which is an MMOG set in the world of Playboy.

Currently this is still asking for people to register to the beta.

Going mainstream

Poisonville is a game that's being released with German publisher Bigpoint and is being targeted at the Playboy demographic of 10-35 year-old men.

Not sure 84-year-old Hugh Hefner will be pleased about this, but there you go.

Speaking to PaidContent about the MMOG, Paul Lee of Playboy said: "One of our core competencies involves using our brand to present quality content.

"Gaming is a growing, mainstream area. And part of our plan is to extend Playboy's brand into the mainstream."

Playboy recently launched an app for the iPad which came without nudity. Which is a bit like opening up a lapdancing club without ladies but still offering up over-priced drinks and the very real chance a bouncer will break your nose if you look at him the wrong way.

But, hey, at least it has interesting interviews.

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