Need a plumber? Google's on it


Google has starting testing ads in the San Francisco area that can connect you directly with a qualified home service provider.

Currently, if you're in the area that is being tested and you search for a plumber or a locksmith, a selection of different professionals will appear with a photo, a rating, a link to their profile and a contact number at the top of the search page.

Google says it will provide an easier way for you to connect with qualified home service professionals in your area.

"Traditional ads point to websites, but when your sink is clogged or you are locked out of your car, you might not have time to jump from page to page to book a service," it said on its ad support page.

According to Google, all the service professionals go through a screening process and they can't pay to be ranked higher within the ad unit.

The links to the service provider's profile also includes contact and hours of operation information, but also information about the contractor's background check, insurance and license information.

The new ad unit is still in beta and only available on desktop. It also only covers in certain parts of San Francisco, with ads only for locksmiths and plumbers right now, but we expect Google to end up expanding its testing area as well as the kinds of service providers being listed.

Via Buzzfeed