Microsoft: Customers should upgrade from IE6 & IE7

IE6 - a living Dodo
IE6 - a living Dodo

Microsoft has urged its customers to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8, with the software giant's engineers not finding a solution to the now infamous exploit that was publicised by Google.

Part of Google's crisis of conscience on China arrived because of a sophisticated attack on some Chinese citizens using an exploit in IE.

Microsoft insisted at the time that the attacks were made on people using the execrable IE6 browser, and, as of Sunday, Microsoft was issuing urgent releases to its customers urging them to upgrade to IE8.

IE8 untouched

"Customers using Internet Explorer 8 are not affected by currently known attacks and exploits due to the improved security protections in IE8," said Microsoft.

"To help protect our customers, we recommend that all customers immediately upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.

"Customers should also consider applying the workarounds and mitigations provided in our Security Advisory such as putting Internet zone security settings to High."

IE6 dead

Microsoft has always insisted that it will support those still on IE6, including businesses that it suggests have tools that rely on using the ageing and much criticised browser.

However, it is clear that IE6 is not coping with the modern internet, and, once again, a major scare has prompted the need for a call to update.

"Microsoft teams are continuing to work around the clock on an update and we will take appropriate action to protect customers when the update has met the quality bar for broad distribution," concludes Microsoft's release

"Obviously, it is unfortunate that our product is being used in the pursuit of criminal activity.

"We will continue to work with Google, industry leaders and the appropriate authorities to investigate this situation."

So, if you have IE6 or IE7 then look for a modern browser - which include ones not made by Microsoft of course.

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