Lovefilm adds Fox, Miramax to streaming line up

Lovefilm adds Fox, Miramax to streaming line up
Lovefilm: feeling foxy

Amazon's Lovefilm has signed new deals with Twentieth Century Fox and Miramax to bring a host of new old television shows and films to its streaming service.

The Fox deal gives Lovefilm exclusive on-demand access to its library during the second pay TV window, which is a fancy way of saying that the films will make it to Lovefilm after Sky Movies but before they hit normal TV and other online services.

Lovefilm's new-found love for Fox will see last year's blockbusters coming to its streaming service from March 2013 – well before others like, say, Netflix will get them.


If that sounds a bit far off in the future for your liking, console yourself with the entire back catalogue of 24, Prison Break, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel that will be hitting Lovefilm in July as part of the deal as well.

The second pay TV window is where the battle for movie streaming eminence is being fought. It was invented specifically for the growing streaming scene in late 2011 in order to keep pay TV companies like Sky and Virgin Media happy with their deals as well as getting films to on-demand outlets that little bit earlier to be worth £5 a month.

As well as the exclusive Fox deal, Lovefilm has managed to hash out a new agreement with Miramax that previously only made its films available to Netflix.

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