Lovefilm Instant gets an HD makeover, PS3 misses out

Lovefilm Instant gets a HD makeover, PS3 misses out
Oh, hi def

Lovefilm has revealed that a number of its titles on its Instant service are now available in HD.

Swiftly coming after the news that Lovefilm has signed an exclusive deal for NBC Universal content, the service has also revealed that a number of its movies and documentaries are now available in high definition, an option that has been sorely missing from the on-demand service.

"Beautiful documentary series like Planet Earth and Human Planet really deserve High Definition," explained Lovefilm.

No PS3 love

"So do long-running TV sagas like Lost and Robin Hood. Recent releases like Gnomeo & Juliet and Red a (Lovefilm Instant favourite) look fabulous," the company added.

"And HD was simply made for classic, epic movies like Che Part One, The Way Back and Apocalypse Now. The HD titles come in a new section, unsurprisingly title HD Collections.

According to Lovefilm, the titles will put in 1080p but only on PC and Mac. If you are streaming through an Xbox, Blu-ray or Samsung and LG TV then it is 720p.

Unfortunately, the PS3 misses out for now. The reason for this: "We're working on bringing full HD to Sony and the PlayStation 3 very soon, sorry for the delay (remember, the PS3 already plays titles in higher quality than standard definition)."

As for iPad, Lovefilm currently don't have studio rights to stream HD on iPad.

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