iTunes 11 to properly embrace iCloud and iOS 6?

iTunes 11 to properly embrace iCloud and iOS6?
New tune for iTunes

Apple is looking to significantly update its iTunes software in the coming months which will see the biggest revamp of the music and movie service yet.

According to 9To5Mac, Apple has been working on some major changes to iTunes, including proper integration to iCloud and new features to take advantage of the forthcoming operating system update iOS 6.

Put to the test

These changes are already being tested internally, according to a source, with an internal beta doing the rounds.

The biggest functionality shift comes with the iCloud integration. It seems that there will be the ability to control iCloud features straight from iTunes and there will also be a dedicated iCloud control panel within iTunes.

The App Store and iTunes Store are also pipped for refurbishment, with both places set to get a better recommendation engine and also increased search functionality.

It is thought that Apple's acquisition of Chomp – an app search and discovery platform – back in February will help with the search changes. If this is the case then you will be able to search for apps by what they do and not just by their name, which will be more than helpful.

It is thought that while iTunes 11 is being worked on at the moment, Apple users will have to put up with another 10.x release first to ready the service for iOS 6, then wait a little bit longer for the all-singing, all-dancing version of iTunes when Apple finally turns it right up to 11.

Via 9To5Mac and CNET

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