Google search shows difference between Liverpool and London

Google - we're not all the same, apparently
Google - we're not all the same, apparently

If you compare your average Liverpudlian and Londoner's searches, you might end up thinking that Merseysiders are obsessed with shopping and capital dwellers are all about the celebrity, if Google's fastest rising search terms are to be believed.

We all search for pretty much the same stuff on Google in the UK right? So it would make sense that a list of the fastest rising search terms in both Liverpool and London would have pretty much the same terms. Wrong.

Interestingly, the only two phrases that crop up in the top 20 terms supplied to us by search giant Google are 'Facebook' (login and home, respectively) and 'Sky Sports', continuing a sporting present that is definitely present in both sets of results.

Facebook, but not .com

Liverpool's fastest rising search term in the past week has been Facebook login – which is surely harder to type in than In London, Dutch footballer Rafeal van der Vaart's last ditch move to Spurs put him at the top of the list.

Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons, second, and Man Men's Christina Hendricks were either side of Facebook in the London rankings and ahead of tennis tournament US Open, whereas Liverpool's top five searches included Natwest, Yahoo and the BBC iPlayer.

Over new arrivals of note include infamous bulletin board 4chan – responsible for some of the internet's most amusing recent japes – and Colombian bank Banco de Bogota, both in the London list.

In fact, if you could draw one overarching conclusion from the search terms it would appear that Liverpool tends to search for brands and sites, whereas London looks for events and people.


facebook login
sky sports
bbc iplayer
bbc sport
liverpool fc
liverpool echo
club penguin


van der vaart
jim parsons
facebook home
christina hendricks
us open
ac milan
gadget show
guns n roses
notting hill carnival
transfer rumours
banco de bogota
formula 1
michael jackson
sky sports news

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