Google Music beta to be unveiled today?

Google Music incoming
Google Music incoming

The Google I/O conference in San Francisco begins later today, with the search giant set to unveil a whole host of new Google services - including the company's much publicised music service.

A test version of the service, called Google Music, will be launched and is said to be in a similar vein to the Amazon data locker.

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The question remains whether Google Music beta will launch with the support of music labels – and offer a service similar to Spotify – or if it will just be a digital locker (like Amazon) for users to access from any device anywhere.

Cnet is reporting that it won't have the music labels permission at first. In an email to the site, Zahavah Levine - one of the execs in charge of getting Google music off the ground - wrote: "We're launching a beta service called Music Beta by Google that lets users upload their personal music libraries to their own account on Google's servers."

This backs up an internal test Google had of the service back in March.

Google has already announced a massive boost to its movie streaming business, revealing that Sony, Universal and Warner Bros have opted in to YouTube movie rentals in the US. It would be interesting if future music rights were discussed as part of this deal.

When Google Music Beta does launch it will finally give Android a music service to be proud of; something it is severely lacking at the moment.

Via Cnet

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