Family Guy creator launches web project

"Can I have a kiss?"
"Can I have a kiss?"

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane's web project – a site of made-for-internet comedy clips – has launched, and is already picking up acclaim.

Produced in conjunction with Google (who make money back on the advertising) and sponsored by Burger King, MacFarlane – the mind behind popular satirical cartoon Family Guy is set to produce around 50 webclips in his 'Cavalcade of Comedy'.

The early efforts, which include a sketch where a disgruntled Mario saves the princess but doesn't earn a kiss, are likely to be huge hits, with the cross-over between the US television show and the internet audience all but guaranteeing success.

Free to view

Of course, the fact that they can be watched for free is also an incentive.

The clips can be quite freely embedded on blogs and fan sites, and the model is particularly interesting as television producers look to the internet as the next frontier.

The likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon – who had a huge hit with his internet comedy opera Dr Horrible – and even the BBC whose recent programme Spooks Code 9 had a huge internet presence, are increasingly aware of the power of the internet.

For MacFarlane, who announced the project back in July, the project will certainly increase his profile, and if it is as successful as projections suggest, it could well be a pioneer for a whole new type of web-based television.

Patrick Goss

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