Facebook still saying 'don't panic' to CEOP

Facebook not ready to push the button yet
Facebook not ready to push the button yet

Facebook has still not full green-lit the use of a panic button on its site, despite increased pressure from CEOP – the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre.

CEOP re-started discussions with the biggest social-networking site this week and while it hasn't opted for a link to CEOP on its site, it has said it will forward all links to the centre.

Jim Gamble, CEO of CEOP, said about his meeting with Facebook: "I felt that at the end of what were lengthy and at times tense negotiation we are able to move towards a position. They are one small step away from doing the right thing.

"I am more optimistic than when I came. They are not saying no, that is very clear. But they were equally direct and they came with their own agenda.

"There is no doubt they are looking to improve their position around child safety and we recognise that. What I am looking for is turning words into action."

Not yet a partner

Facebook's struggling rival BeBo added a CEOP report button to its site last November and the likes of Microsoft have also become partners.

If Facebook were to eventually bow to CEOP, who want a one-click solution to help those vulnerable on social sites, then it would be the ultimate coup for the centre.

Despite Facebook's reassurance it will cooperate with CEOP, it still seems that the site wants to protect its users in its own way.

Marc Chacksfield

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