E3 2011 to be showcased in 3D on YouTube

YouTube - embracing E3 and 3D
YouTube - embracing E3 and 3D

Those who aren't lucky enough to find themselves in LA for E3 2011 will be able to watch the show in 3D, courtesy of YouTube's new link-up with Nvidia.

On YouTube, GamerLive.TV will be broadcasting snippets of the show in 3D, with around 50 videos from the event to be made available between 6-9 June.

To be able to view E3 in 3D, you will need an Nvidia 3D Vision-equipped PC or notebook and all the necessary drivers - but if you already have all this equipment in your life, then the channel is for you.

3D game captures

Back in late May, YouTube announced that it was launching a channel dedicated to 3D content.

It's created the channel with a little help from Firefox, HTML 5 and Nvidia – in short, it wants to plug the 3D content gap that's still plaguing users that have forked out cash for a 3D setup.

Some of the content you can look forward to on the channel includes: 3D videos of the latest E3 news, including game launches, booth demos, 3D game captures, celebrity interviews, Expo events, and VIP parties.

Considering the tales we've heard about VIP parties at E3, we wouldn't be surprised if the channel soon gets given a NSFW badge.

As always, TechRadar will be bombarding you with news from E3, but it will be in plain old 2D we're afraid - glasses just don't suit us.

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