Digital Rich List reveals UK's online winners

Carphone Warehouse: doing pretty well, by all accounts
Carphone Warehouse: doing pretty well, by all accounts

The Sunday Times Rich List has been published with the inclusion of the Digital Rich List chart which places Carphone Warehouse's Charles Dunstone at number one.

Heading a list that could just as easily be a run down of the UK's worst television advertisers, Dunstone is the first digital billionaire to come out of the country.

Also making the cut are execs from Admiral, MoneySupermarket,, Gocompare, Asos and, with personal fortunes ranging from £75 million to £1 billion.

Yes, you do have a lot of money, but…

Despite being filthy rich, the coffers of those on the list are not as swollen as those of the founders and CEOs of US digital giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

And, while their fortunes are not to be sniffed at, the UK's digital bigwigs are nowhere near the top of the overall national Sunday Times Rich List, with even the top dog Dunstone only hitting 67th on the national chart.

We're not saying that money is everything, but when you consider that Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the 11th richest people in the USA it's clear that our opulent onliners could do better.

Of course, this is probably down to the fact that pretty much every company listed on the digital rich list is a retailer of some kind, operating in the UK where there are only so many people to sell to. But it begs the question – where are the UK's Googles and Facebooks?

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