Delicious relaunches with link playlists

Delicious relaunches with new look and link playlists
Mmm, delicious

One time internet darling Delicious has relaunched, bringing such delicacies as a new look and link 'stacks' to the bookmarking party.

These stacks are basically playlists of links, inspired by YouTube playlists, which allow users to curate a ream of related links along a theme.

In an interview with All Things D, Chad Hurley, YouTube co-founder and now co-owner of Delicious, explained, "Relating to YouTube terms, playlists were an under-appreciated feature of the site, and we saw an opportunity to introduce that concept in a broader sense against all media."

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As well as the playlists feature, Delicious has a new look which uses tiles in a very Pinterest-esque way to feature popular stacks on the site's homepage.

What hasn't changed, though, is the core function of the site. Delicious is retaining its logo and bookmarklet raison d'etre, but is now powered by a different infrastructure after vast recoding efforts.

Hurley praises the internet's tireless content curating underdogs, saying that: "With YouTube – with the Internet in general – you have information overload. The people who don't necessarily get credit are the curators. We had the YouTube stars, but I always wanted to start a program called YouTube scouts.

"At Facebook, they want as many signals in as possible, and that's great, but right now it's really noise. We're really looking for the signal.

"It's great to have passive links to share information, and I'm a fan of what they're doing. I think people get burned out of actively participating.

"That's what we did at YouTube in a way, a really open viewing and sharing experience, where we never asked users to sign in. At Delicious, we're trying to do that again here – people can get value without signing in."

In December 2010, previous owner Yahoo announced that it would be canning Delicious, but Hurley and fellow YouTube founder Steve Chen bought the site in April of this year for an undisclosed sum.

From Delicious via All Things D

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