Brits top online usage in Europe, shame about the third-rate speeds

Brits top online usage in Europe, shame about the third-rate speeds
On average, UK broadband speeds slip below Spain and Germany

More Britons access the internet every week than our continental counterparts in Germany, Italy, Spain and France, according to a new study from Ofcom.

The government's communications regulator claimed that 81 per cent of Brits take to the web at least once a week, a figure unmatched among the other four heavy hitters.

However, the study commissioned by the Department of Media, Culture and Sport, also pointed out our shortcomings in providing speeds to match the appetite of hungry web users.

Accounting for 65 per cent of homes, Brits only have the third fastest speeds in Europe making our connections slower than Spain and Germany's on average, but faster than France and Italy.

Cheapest but not fastest

The study also failed to take into account other EU nations that can also champion faster speeds and better infrastructure than Blighty.

The revelation gives the coalition and its infrastructure partners like BT a good bit of work to do if it is to achieve its target of giving the UK the fastest speeds on the continent by 2015.

There was more good news though. Only Spain has slightly faster mobile broadband than us, despite the roll out of the UK's 4G LTE infrastructure remaining in its infancy.

UK consumers also benefit from the cheapest broadband connectivity in eight of the twelve categories, spanning different speed options for fixed line broadband, bundled pricing and mobile broadband

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