BBC brings politics to the iPlayer

BBC gets political
BBC gets political

The BBC has launched a new politics-specific online portal which puts all the broadcaster's political feeds in one place.

Called Democracy Live, the site uses the same video technology as the iPlayer and aims to cover all aspects of politics in the UK and Ireland, with feeds that will show what is going on in the House of Commons, House of Lords, Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly, Welsh Assembly and the European Parliament.

Important addition

Speaking about the new site, Head of BBC Political Programmes, Sue Inglish explained: "Democracy Live is an important addition to the way the BBC brings politics to our audiences across the UK, allowing people to see first hand the work of their elected representatives and ensuring we have a healthy and informed democracy.

"This is precisely the sort of different content the BBC should be providing in fulfilling our public service remit and representing all of the democratic institutions in the UK."

Not only will the site show off what is happening in the political spectrum live but it will also act as an archive, housing retrospective footage of key political events over the last 20 years.

Interestingly the site will use an innovative speech-to-text search feature so you can search the footage and find the exact part of the speech you want.

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