Apple iTunes to get BBC HD downloads

iTunes readying itself for HD content from the Beeb
iTunes readying itself for HD content from the Beeb

High-definition versions of your favourite BBC shows will soon be available for download from the iTunes Store.

Although the BBC is yet to make an announcement on the Apple link-up, the guys at CNET have managed to glean some information about the upcoming service.

A spokesperson for the BBC has confirmed that the broadcaster "will at some point soon be releasing HD titles on iTunes in the UK" and that their will be more information "in the coming weeks".

BBC content is currently available to download from iTunes, but it's only available in standard definition.

HD race

It remains to be seen whether iTunes will beat iPlayer to downloadable HD content from the Beeb.

In a recent interview with C21 Media, BBC's head of digital media technology Anthony Rose insisted that the iPlayer was set to get HD content, explaining: "We'd like to innovate as much in the next year as we did last year… the quality of the programmes will get better. We'll introduce HD, we'll introduce higher bitrate streaming and pre-booking, however, the biggest thing coming over the next year will be the fact that you and your friends will be able to share what you're watching."

The high-definition download race is well and truly on.

Marc Chacksfield

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