Apple overhauls Safari with a new look and snappy features

This Safari just got better

Apple shown a spotlight on Safari during WWDC 2014, outing a new look and new features for the internet client. All in all, Safari is faster and more elegant than previous iterations.

The changes come packaged within OS X Yosemite, the newest version of Apple's Mac OS that's due this fall.

Immediately noticeable is Safari's updated UI which features a flatter look that brings it up to speed with Apple's design language.

Speaking of speed, Apple's Craig Federighi said Safari trounces Chrome and Firefox when it comes to JavaScript compiling. WebGL gives it "super-fast 3D graphics" and HTML premium video makes for snappier viewing times.

More new Safari features

Apple has done away with Safari's favorites bar, but it's cleverly re-purposed it elsewhere. Now when users go to search, a list of their favorite sites appears. The effect clutters the browser while still keeping frequently visited sites accessible.

There's also an improved share button that pulls up a new recent recipients list. Find an image you want to send to a friend, for example, and find that person's email in the list below.

Safari features a new and improved Spotlight search feature that pulls information from sources like Google and Wikipedia. RSS feeds are swept to the sidebar, and tabs are kept in a bird's eye view that users can move sideways to select.

New privacy tabs can live alongside regular tabs but won't track your activity, and a new Bing extension makes for quick inline translating.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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