Amazon Prime Music brings British beats to the UK

Amazon Prime Music arrives in UK bringing British beats
Amazon Prime Music arrives in UK bringing British beats

Amazon Prime Music has finally launched in the UK, more than a year after it launched in the US.

The new music service comes completely free for Amazon Prime users, with Amazon bundling it into its ever-expanding Prime service.

Prime launched a touch over eight years ago and since then it has blossomed from being a next-day delivery service into a book renting, movie streaming, photo sharing behemoth.

Prime time

Amazon Prime users now have access to 1 million tracks through the service. These are both available to stream or download for offline use. Non Prime members can sign up to a free 30 day trial just to see what it's all about.

The songs are streamed at 'MP3 quality' and while 1 million tracks won't attract current Spotify or Apple Music users - where there's some 30 million tracks to choose from - Amazon is hoping its hundreds of curated playlists will entice those looking for a way into streaming and turn its current Prime users on to streaming.

And about those playlists. They are, well, pretty eclectic. You have the normal playlists for running, parties and the like but you also have the more niche 'songs about animals', 'pop to wallow to', and the brilliantly British 'pottering'.

Amazon Prime is currently £79 a year - will free music streaming push you to sign up? Let us know in the comments below.

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