Intel's new graphics tuning software is ready for its eventual graphics cards

Intel Graphics Command Center
Image Credit: Intel

Intel didn’t announce any graphics cards at GDC 2019, but the company has announced yet another platform in preparation for them as well as its incoming family of 9th Generation mobile processors.

Meet the Intel Graphics Command Center (IGCC), Team Blue's equivalent of Nvidia’s GeForce Experience and AMD’s Radeon Software. Like other graphics software focused suites, Command Center’s features include automatic game detection and one-click game optimization. To help users understand how specific settings are affecting in-game graphics, the software will show before-and-after images.

Initially the Graphics Command Center will only support integrated Intel graphics inside the brand's processors – with the exception of Intel's new KF-series CPUs, of course – because it's the only type of graphics Intel currently offers. IGCC will also only support Intel processors that are at least 6th Generation Skylake or newer.

However, considering how few users play games with integrated graphics only, we suspect Intel is laying the ground work for future Intel Graphics Cards as well as the company's highly anticipated Gen11 graphics, which are said to give iGPUs a real shot in the arm.

The Intel Graphics Command Center is now available in an early access state to all users and you can download it here.

Intel 9th Generation processors

Image Credit: Intel

Intel 9th Generation CPUs go mobile

Intel also used some of its time on the GDC 2019 main stage to introduce new 9th Generation mobile processors for laptops – though without naming any specific chips.

Rather than debut some actual model names or specs, the Santa Clara-based corporation simply proclaimed that its 9th Gen Intel Core high performance mobile (H-Series) processors will power the ultimate laptops for gamers and creators. Additionally, Intel detailed 9th Generation mobile processors will add support Wi-Fi 6 AX200, Intel Optane memory and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity.

Aside from that, Intel hasn’t shared any in-depth details about its new 9th Generation mobile lineup, but we can at least infer that these CPUs will be built from yet another iteration of the company’s 14nm+ process as Coffee Lake Refresh and Basin Falls Refresh processors.

Earlier last month, Intel spilled the beans on its whole 9th Generation Mobile family of mobile processors and they are as follows.

Image Credit: TechRadar

Bear in mind that none of these models or their exact specifications have been announced officially yet, so treat this chart above as early conjecture for now. Intel has told us it plans on launch its new 9th Generation H-series CPUs in Q2 2019 (so sometime in April, May and June).

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