If you want to win in Battlefield 1 you might want to play on a PS4 Pro

The performance benefits of the PS4 Pro vary from game to game, but the performance boost it gives to Battlefield 1 are proving uniquely troubling because of the competitive aspects of the game. 

Eurogamer is reporting that the PS4 Pro version of the game runs with up to a 47% frame-rate advantage, which brings competitive advantages ranging from lower-latency to a smoother experience. 

A large amount of this benefit comes from the use of V-sync, which is a technique used in games to prevent screen-tearing when the frame-rate drops. 

V-sync leaving players in the drink

V-sync means that when the game’s frame-rate drops (which happens more on the original PS4 hardware), individual frames can be displayed for as much as 50ms, around three times the target frame-time of 16.7ms. 

Whether this translates into a tangible advantage is a much more difficult question to answer, but there is some speculation that the game’s 1.04 patch either reduces or disables the game’s Pro enhancements, but Eurogamer’s analysis has so far not shown any significant changes

These sorts of problems are new on consoles, where previously everyone playing a game on Xbox or PlayStation would be playing against others on identical hardware, but they’ve long existed on the PC platform, where players can use a wide variety of different hardware to play the same game against one another. 

Jon Porter

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