Huawei will never ape this iPhone

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Chinese electronics giant Huawei’s chief smartphone designer Quentin Ting is not a fan of the new iPhone SE, a device he says looks more to the past than to the future. It is the small size and the large bezels of the Apple’s retro looking smartphone that Ting does not prefer for any of the upcoming Huawei designs. 

The smartphone designer laid out his views about the iPhone in an interview with Forbes. Asked if a Huawei variant of the iPhone SE could be in the offing. Ting went to say that the iPhone SE is too small in size and the design language is outdated. Moreover, people prefer a smartphone with large displays nowadays, especially in Asia. 

He added that consumers prefer smartphones with large displays, small bezels and a compact in-hand feel. This, definitely, does not describe the iPhone SE, but could refer to any of Huawei’s P-series smartphones of the past couple of years at least.  Huawei’s latest offering, the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro are excellent examples of the company's established design language.

Improved design

Huawei has improved on its design and choice of materials and paid immense attention to the colour schemes of the back panels of smartphones which has inspired brands to implement them in their smartphone designs.

Apple had recently launched the iPhone SE with a powerful processor and made it an ‘affordable’ iPhone yet. This is the reason for its popularity and the fact that most people still buy devices because of the brand value. 

Another thing going in favour for the SE is the extra RAM it packs in comparison with the iPhone 8 making it a superior camera due the powerful A9 chip. Incidentally, the sensor on the iPhone 8 is the same as that on the SE, but the latter outshines the iPhone 8 due to its better processor.

Ting has also referred to the newly created apps requiring a large display for an enriching experience and concluded that there is no way Huawei will adopt a iPhone SE design. 

Nitesh Kumar

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