How to watch Irresistible: stream Jon Stewart's new movie online today

how to watch Irresistible online

It's been five years since Jon Stewart left the world of political satire behind with his departure from The Daily Show - but now he's back with a feature length comedy-drama. Just in time for the run-in to November's 2020 US Presidential election, as luck would have it. Here's how to watch Irresistible and stream the new Jon Stewart and Steve Carell movie online from anywhere.

Irresistible cheat sheet

Released: June 2020

Director: Jon Stewart

Cast: Steve Carrell, Rose Byrne, Chris Cooper, Mackenzie Davis, Topher Grace, Natasha Lyonne

Run time: 1 hr 42 mins


Stream now: Amazon Prime Video

Former Daily Show contributor Carell stars in the lead role as Gary Zimmer, a political consultant for the Democrats who gets drawn into a local mayoral race in rural Wisconsin. Gary is convinced his candidate, retired Marine Colonel Jack Hastings (Chris Cooper), can become the town’s first Dem mayor in decades - and  bring about a new era for the party across the state. 

Standing in his way, however, is Republican counterpart Faith Brewster (Rose Byrne) - who's just as committed to seeing the incumbent campaign maintain the small town's status quo. As the money starts flooding in for both camps, the previously provincial election goes national and, well...we wouldn't want to spoil it, would we?!

Irresistible is now available for VoD streaming via a number of popular services, including Amazon Prime Video. So while some states may have opened movie theaters recently, the stay-at-home option is there for those who prefer it- or don't yet have the option of going to a public screening. Read on as we explain how to watch Irresistible online from anywhere in the world today.

How to watch Irresistible from outside your country

If you’re in need of some quality entertainment but find yourself overseas – quite possible now international flights are resuming and lockdown guidelines have relaxed – don’t let geo-blocks prevent you from streaming Irresistible online.

If you’re in a territory where this content isn’t available, you can download a VPN to circumvent regional restrictions - allowing you to watch Irresistible using the services you’re registered to back home. This invaluable piece of kit simply changes your IP address, so you can still access content through your usual VoD platform. 

 How to watch Irresistible online in the US 

How to watch Irresistible in other countries

Irresistible is now also available on demand in a number of other countries around the world - including the UK and Australia. Here are your options there.

Remember, if you can't watch Irresistible online right now but would be able in your country of residence, you can always utilize a VPN to regain access to the services and content you would normally stream at home.

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