Optoma DV11: home cinema in one box

Optoma told us today that it's shipped the first units of its new MovieTime DV11 digital video projector to stores.

An upgrade of the MovieTime DV10 (reviewed here and here ), the DV11 is effectively the same beast. In short: it incorporates a 480p (854x480) projector, DVD player and stereo speakers in one handy home cinema box.

The DV11 doesn't aim to rub chassis with the latest HD projectors. The big draw here isn't high-definition - it's the DV11's ease-of-use and cheap pricing. With its built-in DVD player, you simply set the DV11 up on a coffee table, plug it in to a video source and watch a movie.

Think of it as the home cinema equivalent of a bike with stabilizers.

Glancing down the spec sheet, there isn't much of a different between the old DV10 and the new DV11. They boast the same 0.45-inch TI DLP Darkchip2 DMD; the same composite, S-Video and VGA connectivity; and enjoy the same 1.26-1.41:1 throw ratio. The maximum picture size the DV11 can display is an impressive 8.5 metres (335 inches), making it ideal for most living rooms.

The changes are subtle. As Optoma is keen to point out: "the DV11 is brighter at 1600 Lumens so better for gamers and TV in a standard room and also the DVD has been moved to the back - it's now a slot design. The contrast has changed to 2200:1 without Image AI for a better picture all round... The speakers have also been upgraded so it sounds better..."

Ultimately, the key to the DV11's probable success will be its pricing. Whereas the DV10 debuted at £800, the DV11 is an enticing £599. It's available now.

Optoma MovieTime DV11 specifications:

0.54-inch DLP DarkChip2 DMD by Texas Instruments
480P (854 x 480) native resolution
1600 ANSI Lumens
2200:1 contrast ratio
Weight 3.5 kg
Computer Compatibility: SXGA , SXGA, XGA, SVGA, 15 Pin D -Sub (VGA Type)
Video Compatibility: PAL, SECAM (576i/p), NTSC (480i/p), HDTV (1080i, 720p)
1:1.11 manual zoom and focus
1.26-1.41:1 Throw Ratio
Audio 2x5W Stereo Speakers, Sub Woofer Out, Optical Audio Out
Dimensions (W x D x H) 368 x 273 x 117 mm
SCART to VGA adaptor, VGA cable, Remote control, Remote control Batteries, Lens cap, User guide, Carry case