Acer's widescreen projector blasts 120 inches of game onto your wall

Acer Predator Z850

Gaming monitors? Pah, says Acer, as the company unveils its new gaming projector which allows for the latest and greatest shooter to be played on a 120-inch screen.

Acer claims that the Predator Z850 is the world's first ultra-wide HD laser projector which is specifically designed for gaming, and it offers a wider image with a 24:9 aspect ratio which, as a quick bit of maths will tell you, is 50% wider than your traditional 16:9 ratio.

The advantage of 24:9 is being able to see far more in terms of peripheral vision, potentially spotting enemies earlier (coming in from the sides) than you would have otherwise.

The actual resolution of the projector is 1920 x 720, and it also offers a short throw distance, meaning you can place the device 18.5-inches from the wall and it can still project that full 120-inch image – pretty handy if you've got a small lounge.

It also means you won't get problems with looming shadows of people's big fat heads appearing and ruining your frag at a crucial moment, as hopefully nobody will be walking in front of this lens (not accidentally, anyway).

Acer Predator Z850 ports

Funky feet

Other gaming plusses include a top-mounted lens along with adjustable feet to make this thing easy to setup if you're carting it to a LAN party, plus when you're done, you can pack the Z850 away with no hesitation as you don't need to leave it to cool down at all.

Some other specs for you: brightness is 3,000 lumens and Asus says that the contrast ratio hits 100,000:1 for deep blacks and vivid images even at this stonking screen size. The projector's laser lamp is rated for longevity of up to 30,000 hours.

There's also an optional Wireless HD-Kit which, you'll hardly be surprised to hear,' enables wireless operation, and further makes this a neat and tidy piece of kit which can fit pretty much anywhere.

Now for the bad bit – you'll pay a serious price for all this convenience and 120-inch gaming glory, with the Predator Z850 costing £4,000 (it'll be $5,000 over in the US, which is around AU$6,500) when it comes out in May.

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