New HDMI 1.4 details slip out

HDMI 1.4 brings next-gen capabilities to the AV market
HDMI 1.4 brings next-gen capabilities to the AV market

New information about the future of HDMI has come to the surface, which sheds some light on what new technology HDMI 1.4 will bring to the AV market.

Interestingly, the cable will feature Ethernet connectivity through something called the HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC).

This feature takes into consideration the proliferation of web-connected TVs on the market, and will allow compatible HEC devices to share their web wares.

Future proof

To make sure it is completely future-proof, the cable will also feature 3D capabilities and Automatic Content Enhancement will optimise footage depending on what it is.

The HDMI cables will also be able to handle up to 4k video support.

Chris Jenkins, manager of the Home Cinema Choice testing labs, told Tech Radar: "Some of the new features of HDMI 1.4 seem to be valuable – the audio return channel is one, meaning that you will be able to send the audio from your TV to your AVR without needing a separate optical link.

"Others include the implementation of Ethernet, so HDMI devices can be networked, and the smaller connector.

"The downside? Well, you'll have to replace your existing HDMI cables to use any of the new functions, and this will only cause more confusion to already baffled customers."

What is frustrating is that there will be two types of HDMI 1.4 cables on the market – low data rate and high data rate. This is bound to cause confusion when they eventually come to market some time in 2010.

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