Scandyna Megapod speaker turns it up to 11

Megapod perfect for those who live in Andy Warholl s Factory

Scandyna, the makers of the Minipod, have gone back to the drawing board and come up with a brand-new speaker system – the Megapod, designed for those who want to make something of a big impression with their audio kit.

Standing at 884 x 348 x 535mm, and with looks like an extra from A Clockwork Orange, the Megapod is a beast of a floor-standing speaker, and not one for those with conservative AV tastes.

If the design doesn't put you off, then underneath the flamboyant chassis you will find a great speaker.

The Megapod comes equipped with a 25mm free-mounted tweeter with a 125mm midrange driver – which is bullet-proof just in case a gun-toting mate decides to take out his anger on your brand-new speaker system.

Also on-board is a custom-deigned subwoofer with a long-throw 250mm bass driver.

Looking for fame

Because of stints in Friends and spots in adverts for Stella, the Minipod – the smaller version of its big brother – is being touted as one of the most recognisable speakers in the world.

Scandyna is obviously hoping the Megapod gets as much recognition. With a price of £2,396 per pair, it'll definitely turn heads. And to make it stand out even more, the system is available in a choice of white, black, silver, blue, yellow or red.

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