Clash Of The Titans heads up Warner's 3D Blu-ray deluge

Clash of the 3D Blu-ray Titans
Clash of the 3D Blu-ray Titans

Warner Home Video has announced six new 3D Blu-ray titles for general release, kick-starting the format.

Although the discs are only pencilled for release in the US at the moment, it is nice to see 3D titles actually hitting the shops rather than being tied to one manufacturer.

The six films aren't exactly blockbuster classics. Clash of the Titans is the biggest name (and this was ridiculed in the cinemas for its awful 3D), followed by Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (if the 3D is as bad as the title then we're in trouble) and documentaries Deep Sea, Space Station and Under The Sea.

3D Blu movies

Interestingly, the documentaries were previously bundled with specific manufacturers. Sony had the sole rights to Deep Sea while LG was bundling Under The Sea and Space Station.

This is something which still seems to be happening. Recently it was announced that Avatar 3D will come out exclusively with Panasonic TVs later this year and Sony has announced it will have Alice And Wonderland with its TVs before anyone else.

Speaking about the releases, Dorinda Marticorena, SVP of worldwide marketing and high-def at WHV, said: "This is an exciting time in the industry and we are thrilled to be a part of this evolution in home entertainment."

As with what's happening with Blu-ray/DVD combis at the moment, the 3D Blu-rays will be in combi packs with normal Blu-rays.

UK release date and pricing is still to be announced, but pricing in the US is a whopping $44.95 a pop and you can get them from 16 November.


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