Gran Turismo 7’s campaign mode might be always-online, and fans aren’t happy

PlayStation Showcase
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Following the new Gran Turismo 7 trailer at last week’s PlayStation Showcase event, a PlayStation Blog post has confirmed that the Gran Turismo 7 campaign mode will require an always-online connection, to some fans’ dismay. This requirement also applies to other GT7 features, including the Livery editor, Scapes, Trial Mountain and High-Speed Ring racing circuits, the GT Cafe and GT Auto.

Sony didn’t go into further detail explaining why it made this decision, there’s only an asterisk saying ‘these features require internet connection.’

Analysis: A deserved backlash

Like numerous other games whose campaigns have required an always-online connection, the new requirement for GT7 hasn’t gone down particularly well with fans. Many have been voicing their disappointment with this news, noting this has now dampened their hype for GT7.

In our view, the fans’ disappointment is justified, as Sony should be making sure GT7 is accessible for as many players as possible. An always-online connection severely limits this, as not every gamer has access to a reliable internet connection.

Sony recently has been having trouble making their games accessible. Just last week, Sony was forced to backtrack on its decision not to include a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 in the standard editions of Horizon Forbidden West due to immense backlash from fans.

With Sony, again, limiting player accessibility with GT7, we could see similar backlash from players - but will it be enough to make Sony change its mind twice in as many weeks?

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