Updated: Pixel 6 camera sample has not appeared, picture taken with Pixel 5

Rear of the Pixel 6 Pro showing the camera bar and lock key
(Image credit: Google)

Correction: TechRadar published an article in July of 2021, claiming that a photo by Zaheed Sabur was taken on the new Google Pixel 6, which was not the case. The article containing these inaccuracies has been removed.

The Facebook post by Mr. Sabur referenced in the original article was not taken down, as previously claimed, and has since been updated to confirm the image in question "was shot on Pixel 5 and color graded by Zaheed Sabur". Mr Sabur had in fact made no suggestion that his original Facebook post was referencing or demonstrating the Google Pixel 6, and we have removed any suggestion that it had.

Tom Bedford

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