Garmin's latest watch is built for the open ocean, city streets, and woodland trails

Garmin Descent G1
(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin has released a new dive computer that doubles as a sports watch to track your health and wellbeing above the surface as well as below. It's been a busy few months for Garmin, with the launch of the Venu 2 Plus in early January, the Epix (Gen 2) and Fenix 7 a couple of weeks later, and the D2 Air X10 and Instinct 2 in February, but if diving is your main hobby then the new Garmin Descent G1 is the one you've been waiting for.

The Garmin Descent G1 and its solar-powered counterpart, the Descent G1 Solar, have multiple dive modes, making them suitable for both newly qualified and experienced divers.

There are modes for single and multiple gas dives, gauge, apnea, apnea hunt, and closed-circuit rebreather. You can see depth, dive time, temperature, no-decompression limit (NDL) and time to surface (TTS) alerts, ascent/descent rate. gas mix, decompression, and safety stop information all on your wrist, with customizable fields to suit your preferences. 

Like all Garmin sports watches, the Descent G1 and Descent G1 Solar are GPS equipped, which allows them to automatically mark surface entry and exit points. This data is then logged in the Garmin Dive companion app, where you can also configure the watch's settings, and see popular sites rated and reviewed by other divers.

Garmin Descent G1

(Image credit: Garmin)

On the design front, both watches are water resistant to 100 meters, and are operated using specially designed leakproof buttons. The bezel and case are both made from fiber-reinforced polymer, and the face is topped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lens.

Wet and dry

Between diving sessions, the Descent G1 and Descent G1 Solar serve as fully featured sports watches, with profiles for activities including running, cycling, golf, yoga, and surfing to name just a few. You even get the dedicated Surfline widget preinstalled, allowing you to see current wave conditions, nearby surf spots, wave height, wind, and more on your wrist.

You'll also get NFC for making contactless purchases through Garmin Pay, app notifications, calendar reminders, and incoming call alerts.

The Garmin Descent G1 is available now direct from Garmin for $549.99 / £479.99 / AU$849 in either Slate Gray or Powder Gray, and the G1 Solar is available in Hurricane Blue or Black for $649.99 / £569.99 / AU$999.

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