Words With Friends co-creator to debut Oculus Rift exclusive at E3

A lucky tale indeed

With E3 right around the corner, more and more publishers are eager to hype up new games that they'll show off during the Expo.

The latest game to join the Oculus Rift virtual reality round-up is from Playful Corp., Words With Friends Co-Creator Paul Bettner's new company.

Called Lucky's Tale, the game is a third-person platforming adventure that will exclusive to the VR headset.

"Virtual reality - I mean truly accurate, comfortable virtual reality - is the most important thing to happen to interactive entertainment in decades," says Bettner, who serves as Playful's CEO.

"I know it sounds like exaggeration, but it's impossible to explain what this is like to someone who hasn't experienced it for themselves. Your brain is convinced that you are somewhere else, that you are in another world. I have worked my entire career to get to this moment, to create something like this."

Playful team

The Playful Corp. team donning Oculuses (Ocului?)

Not one, but two

Playful Corp. also has Creativerse in the works, an open-world sandbox game which it plans to bring to the Rift after first launching on Steam later this year.

Oculus has been insanely busy, getting bought by Facebook and rumored to be in talks with Samsung for a possible "Galaxy Rift" headset. It's nice to see that there will still be lots of games to choose from whenever it finally hits shelves.